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project: design of lockable windows for Twizy Renault
client: Carwindowswebshop
our contribution: idea, concept, design, mock-up, engineering

industrial design | intrinsic value creation | design & consultancy | projectmarket | interior | public space | professional consumer | health - care

complete development in four months

no more getting wet in Twizy
The innovative Twizy of Renault is now even more complete with the new window and locksystem by Carwindows. In a fast development project Studio DenHartogMusch realized the greatly shaped window; produced in durable and sustainable transparant PETP and completed it with a fix-lock. Assembling is most simple and can easily be carried out by consumers. No more getting wet anymore!

backwards compatible
Because the Twizy doors cannot be locked in the normal situation; this new window and the lock system provide users with an important improvement of both comfort and the total user experience. This Carwindows window system is completely backwards compatible.