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a special talent
Four leaf clovers do exist - really; not even in little amounts. Some people ‘have it’, this special Talent to pick them, in the middle of a field of green clovers. Maybe you could call it determination. I was stubborn, as a child: I use to have a scrap book full of them, more than a hundred. Not only with four leavess, but also with five and a bunch or two with six leaves. I even found one with Seven leaves; when I looked at it more closely, you could see that in fact it was a four-and-three leaf clover, grown into each other. - it made me very proud. I happened to loose sight of the scrapbook, though it might still be somewhere around, at my parents attic.

picking the right ideas
The search for the right form and details of new products shows some comparison to the search for four leaf clovers. For how do you Know that you pick the Right Idea amidst all these creative solutions? It is essential to stay fresh at the flow of ideas. Otherwise you just Don’t See. For this, besides experience, a huge amount of determination is needed.

good design is a craftmanship
This is where the comparison stops. Good Design is not a matter of Luck, it also needs craftmanschip. A smart way to combine technics with new ideas ... that's exactly where our passion lies.

The creation of good product provides us with even more pleasure as finding four leaf clovers!

Pamela Musch

"creating innovations that matter"